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Remington Sporting Dog


Remington® celebrates its 200th anniversary as America’s oldest manufacturer of sporting arms. The company is quite possibly the oldest manufacturer in America to still be making its original product. The story of Remington is the story of America. Written arm in arm with the pioneers who settled this wild land. As a sporting dog owner you define the spirit that built this nation. Remington® accessories for sporting dogs are carefully made for comfort, appeal, and durability for use on a regular basis. Every product is high quality guaranteed.


Browning® was founded in 1878 by John M. Browning, the world’s most gifted firearm designer. Today the company that proudly bears his name offers a wide variety of products for the shooting sports, hunting and sporting dog owners. The Browning® brand represents the highest quality, brilliant innovation and real, lasting value. That’s why knowledgeable outdoorsmen everywhere know that when a product carries the Browning® Buckmark, it’s going to be “The Best There Is.”

Remington Sporting Dog


Join with us in celebrating the 150th birthday of the founding of the Winchester® brand. A century and a half has passed since Oliver F. Winchester first began his journey to create the brand that bears his name. Winchester® quickly became a manufacturing powerhouse that helped create and define the Industrial Revolution. It’s a brand whose products, quite literally, have helped change the course of world history. Sporting Dog products are the latest addition to the Winchester brand.

Remington Sporting Dog

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